Fi Smart Dog Collar vs Whistle – Best Choice

fi smart dog collar vs whistle

In the rapidly evolving world of pet technology, keeping our furry friends safe and secure has never been easier. But with an array of smart collars on the market, how do we choose the best one for our canine companions? Enter Fi Smart Collar and Whistle, two leading contenders in the realm of smart pet collars. 

The main difference between the Fi smart collar and the Whistle collar is their key features. According to my personal experience, the Fi smart collar stands out for its sleek design, durability, and user-friendly app interface. On the other hand, the Whistle collar excels in providing precise GPS tracking and advanced activity monitoring capabilities.

 So, let’s dive into the world of Fi smart dog collar vs whistle and uncover the features and functionalities that set them apart in this informative and engaging comparison.

Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs Whistle – What’s The Difference Between 

The fi vs whistle is a GPS pet tracker device for dogs that provide owners with real-time location updates. However, there are some key differences between these two devices.


One of the main differences is in their design. The fi smart dog choker has a sleeker and more modern look than the whistle, which has a traditional collar-like appearance. Moreover, while both devices have LED lights for nighttime visibility, only the fi smart dog choker offers customizable colors.


The other difference between fi and whistle is in their range of features. The fi smart dog choker offers a “safe zone” feature where owners can set up virtual boundaries to be alerted if their pet leaves that area. 

It also includes an activity tracker to monitor your pet’s daily exercise routine and health metrics. On the other hand, the whistle provides notifications about your pet’s location as well as custom alerts such as when they leave or enter certain places.

While both GPS trackers offer similar functionalities, it ultimately comes down to personal preference regarding design and specific features needed for individual pets’ needs.

1) Fi Smart Dog Collar

Pros Of Fi Smart Dog Collar

The fi smart dog choker is a revolutionary device that has been designed specifically for dog owners who want to keep their furry friends safe and healthy. Here are some of the pros of using this amazing device:

  1. Reliance on GPS dog tracker technology for tracking.
  2. Requires smartphone and app usage.
  3. Battery life may be limited.
  4. Initial setup and activation process.
  5. Cost may be higher compared to traditional collars

Cons Of Fi Smart Collar

While the fi smart dog choker has several advantages, it also comes with some drawbacks. 

  1. Higher price compared to alternatives.
  2. Limited battery life requires frequent recharging.
  3. Reliance on cell phone coverage for accurate tracking.
  4. Potential connectivity and syncing issues.
  5. Limited tracking capability in areas without reliable cellular service.

While there are certainly downsides to consider with fi smart dog choker, many dog owners find that the benefits outweigh any potential negatives.

Types Of Fi Smart Dog Collar

The FI Smart Dog choker offers different types to cater to various needs and preferences:

  1. Original FI Dog Collar: This type features a sleek design with a sturdy aluminum buckle. It combines style and functionality, providing reliable GPS tracking and safety features for your furry friend.
  2. Lite FI Dog Collar: The Lite version offers a more affordable option without compromising on essential features. It comes with a plastic buckle and provides the convenience of GPS tracking and safe zone alerts at a lower price point.

Both types of Fi Smart Dog choker provide waterproof durability, allowing your dog to enjoy outdoor activities without worry. They also offer customizable sizing options to ensure a comfortable fit for dogs of all sizes.

Whether you prefer the premium design of the Original or the affordability of the Lite, the FI Smart Dog choker has options to suit your needs.

Better Option

One of the main advantages of the Fi Smart Collar is its ability to actively track your dog’s location in real time. It also offers a “safe zone” feature that alerts you when your dog leaves a designated area. The collar is waterproof and has a built-in fitness tracker, making it an all-in-one device for pet owners.

2) Whistle Dog Collar

Pros Of Whistle Dog Collar

  • Accurate and reliable GPS technology to keep your dog safe and sound.
  • Long-lasting battery life up to 20 days.
  • Activity monitoring for health insights.
  • Set safe zones and receive notifications.
  • Waterproof for durability and versatility.

Cons Of Whistle Dog Collar

Although the Whistle dog choker has its benefits, it also has some drawbacks that pet owners should consider before investing in one.

  • Limited battery life, requires frequent charging.
  • Reliance on cellular coverage for tracking.
  • Tedious setup process for safe zones.
  • Reports of malfunctioning after exposure to water.
  • Consider cons before investing in one.

While there are certainly benefits to using a Whistle dog choker such as GPS tracking and notification features if you’re away from your furry friend; potential buyers should weigh out these cons before deciding whether or not this product is right for them.

Types Of Whistle Dog Collar

When it comes to whistle dog chokers, there are a few different types available on the market. These collars all serve the same purpose of emitting a high-pitched sound to get your dog’s attention, but they differ in their specific features and design.

  • A basic manual whistle collar requires blowing a small whistle for attention.
  • An electronic whistle collar emits a beep or tone activated by a remote control or app.
  • Some whistle collars include GPS tracking and activity monitoring features.
  • Consider ease-of-use, range, durability, and additional features when choosing.
  • Tailor your choice to meet your needs and preferences.

Better Option 

Whistle Go Explore tracks your dog’s movement history for up to 90 days and provides notifications on their daily activity levels. The device allows you to set custom goals for exercise and monitor progress over time. Plus, unlike Fi Smart Collar which requires subscription fees after purchase; Whistle only needs you a one-time payment.

Ultimately, deciding which device is better depends on what features are most important for your specific needs as a pet owner.

Factors To Consider While Buying Fi Vs Whistle Collar

When it comes to choosing between the Fi collar vs Whistle, there is no clear winner. Both have their pros and cons and ultimately what works best for you will depend on your specific needs.

However, before purchasing either option, there are a few factors that you should consider.

  • Consider the size of your dog for a comfortable fit.
  • Take your budget into account.
  • Evaluate additional features like activity monitoring and remote training capabilities.
  • Determine if GPS tracking is a necessary feature for your needs.
  • Assess the collar’s suitability for off-leash situations and peace of mind regarding your pet’s location.


Choosing between the Fi smart choker and Whistle ultimately comes down to personal preferences and specific needs. Both collars offer unique features and benefits that cater to different aspects of pet ownership.

Factors such as budget, desired features, and the size of your dog should be considered when making a decision. Ultimately, selecting the right collar will depend on your individual requirements for keeping your furry companion safe, healthy, and well-monitored.

Ultimately, both Whistle vs Fi dog collars offer innovative advanced pet tracker technology designed to keep our furry friends safe and healthy. By taking into account these key considerations when making your purchase decision, you can ensure that you find the perfect fit for both yourself and your four-legged companion!


How does the Fi collar compare to the Whistle Go Explore when it comes to pet tracking?

Fi collar offers more accurate GPS tracking than Whistle Go Explore, which relies heavily on WiFi networks for location tracking. Additionally, Fi collar offers more comprehensive activity tracking functionalities.

What is a smart collar?

A smart collar is a GPS-enabled device that helps you track your dog’s location and activity.

Does the Whistle Switch collar come with an app?

Yes, the Whistle Switch comes with an app that allows you to track your pet’s location, monitor activity, and set custom goals.

What is the Fi Series 2 collar?

Fi Series 2 is the latest version of the Fi collar that comes with advanced pet tracking features, such as longer battery life and a more robust design.

Can the Fi collar help with dog training?

Yes, the Fi collar has some cool features that can help you train your dog better, such as the ability to set custom goals and notifications that tell you when your dog is slipping out of their routine.

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