Unveiling the Secrets of the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar

15 Lesser-Known Facts That Will Leave You Amazed

Enhanced Durability:

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar is built to withstand even the most persistent chewers and rough play, ensuring it stands the test of time.

Waterproof Design

Rain or shine, this collar is designed to resist water and other outdoor elements, making it ideal for all-weather use.

Customized Fit

With adjustable settings, the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar can be easily tailored to fit dogs of various sizes, providing optimal comfort and effectiveness.

Progressive Connection

This collar features a progressive correction mode, meaning the static stimulation increases gradually until your dog responds, allowing for a personalized training experience.

Safety Measures

The collar includes built-in safety features that automatically shut off the static stimulation after a certain duration to prevent overcorrection and ensure your dog's well-being.

Long Battery Life

Equipped with long-lasting batteries, the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar keeps working efficiently for extended periods, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Effective Training Range

With an impressive range of up to 1,000 yards, this collar allows you to train your dog effectively even from a distance, giving you more control during outdoor activities.

Vibration Option

Apart from static stimulation, the collar offers a vibration mode that serves as a gentle yet effective training tool, helping you communicate with your pet more efficiently.

Visible Indicator Lights

The collar features LED indicator lights that make it easy to monitor the battery status and the selected correction level, ensuring you're always aware of the device's settings.

Stubborn Dogs Design

Specifically engineered for stubborn or determined dogs, this collar delivers stronger static stimulation levels, making it an ideal choice for more challenging training scenarios.

MultiDog Capability

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar can be used with multiple dogs, thanks to its compatibility with PetSafe's in-ground fence systems, allowing you to expand your training efforts to multiple pets.

Training Manual/Support

Each purchase of the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar includes a comprehensive training manual and access to online resources, providing you with the guidance and support you need for successful training.

Safe for All Breeds

This collar is suitable for various dog breeds, ensuring that both small and large dogs can benefit from its training capabilities.

Trusted Brands

PetSafe has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality pet products, and the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar is no exception, guaranteeing you a reliable and effective training tool.

Moneyback Guarantee

PetSafe stands behind the quality of their products. The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar comes with a money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it risk-free and experience the transformation in your dog's behavior.

With these fascinating and little-known facts about the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar, you're now equipped with exclusive knowledge to enhance your dog's training journey.

Explore the possibilities, strengthen the bond with your furry friend, and unlock their full potential with this exceptional training collar. Get yours today and witness the remarkable difference it can make in your dog's behavior and obedience.