How to Make a Dog Bandana Over the Collar – 8 Easy Steps

how to make a dog bandana over the collar

Dog bandanas are a stylish accessory that every furry friend deserves to have. Not only do they add an extra touch of cuteness, but they can also be functional in keeping your pup’s fur clean and tidy.

However, constantly tying and retying them can be a hassle for both you and your pooch! That’s where the over the collar dog bandana comes in – it stays put while still looking adorable. 

To make a dog bandana that attaches over the collar, cut the fabric into a square or triangle shape slightly larger than the collar. Fold it diagonally into a triangle and slide it over the collar, with the long folded edge facing the collar. Adjust for comfort, and optionally sew the edges for added durability.

In this sewing tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a dog bandana over the collar using just a few materials and some simple techniques.

How to Make a Dog Bandana Over the Collar – Complete Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a dog bandana that attaches over the collar:

Step 1.  What you’ll need to make a dog bandana

To make a dog bandana over the collar, you won’t need many supplies. 

First and foremost, you’ll want to choose some fabric that is comfortable for your furry friend. You can use any type of cotton or flannel material in any color or pattern that appeals to you.

Next, you’ll need a ruler or measuring tape to get accurate measurements for the bandana. A pair of scissors will also be essential for cutting out the shape of your bandana from the chosen fabric.

A sewing machine will come in handy if you plan on creating a more durable and long-lasting bandana with neatly sewn edges. However, it’s not necessary – alternatively, you could use fabric glue instead of stitching.

Don’t forget about your dog collar! The size of their collar will determine how big (or small) your bandana needs to be in order to fit comfortably over it. You can also use free printable templates for dog bandanas.

With these simple materials at hand, we’re ready to get started on making our own customized doggy accessories!

Step 2. Choose your fabric

When choosing the fabric for your dog bandana over the collar, there are a few things to consider. 

Firstly, you want to make sure that the fabric is durable and can withstand wear and tear from your furry friend. Look for fabrics such as cotton or polyester blends that won’t easily rip or tear.

Next, think about the size of your dog and choose a fabric that will be comfortable for them to wear.

If you have a small dog, opt for a lightweight and breathable fabric like cotton so they don’t get too hot. For larger dogs, heavier fabrics like denim or flannel may work better.

Consider the style of bandana you want to make – do you want something bright and bold or more subtle? Choose a patterned fabric if you’re looking to make a statement, but keep in mind that simpler patterns (like polka dots) tend to look best on dogs.

Remember that it’s important to wash the bandana frequently (especially if your pup loves getting dirty). So choose fabrics that are easy to wash and won’t shrink in the washing machine!

Step 3. Measure and Fold the bandana

Before you start making a bandana for your dog, it’s important to measure and fold the fabric correctly. This ensures that the bandana fits over the collar properly and looks neat.

First, determine the size of your dog’s collar. Measure from one end of the buckle to the other end of the collar. Add an inch or two to this measurement to ensure that there is enough space for folding and stitching.

Next, choose a piece of fabric for your bandana. A fat quarter works well for smaller dogs, while a larger piece may be needed for bigger breeds.

Fold the fabric in half diagonally so that opposite corners meet. Press down on the fold with an iron to create a crease.

Then, fold one corner towards the center point where both sides meet. Repeat this step with another corner until both ends overlap each other at about 1/3rd lengthwise.

Once folded correctly cut out triangular pieces from each side leaving only enough seam allowance (around ¼ inch) left in between them which will give strength when sewing around open edges after unfolding

With these steps completed, you are now ready to move on to cutting and sewing your bandana!

Step 4. Cut out the fabric for the bandana

Now that you have measured and folded your fabric, it’s time to cut the bandana. Make sure you are working on a flat surface.

Using your scissors or rotary cutter, carefully cut along the edge of your folded fabric. If you are using a fat quarter, no cutting is necessary as it should already be in the right size for a small bandana.

Once you’re done cutting, unfold your fabric and check that it’s properly squared off. If there are any uneven edges, trim them down until they are even.

If you’re making a reversible bandana, repeat this process with your second piece of fabric so that you have two identical pieces.

Remember to always handle sharp tools with care and keep them out of reach from pets.

Cutting the fabric may seem like an easy step but take extra caution to ensure that all sides are even before moving on to creating the collar opening.

Step 5. Create the collar opening

Creating the collar opening is an essential step in making a dog bandana over the collar.

It allows you to easily slip the bandana onto your pup’s collar, ensuring that it stays securely in place. To create the perfect collar opening, follow these steps:

Firstly, take your piece of fabric and fold it in half lengthwise with the right sides together. Use a ruler or measuring tape to mark where you want your collar opening to be.

Next, cut along this line using sharp scissors or a rotary cutter, being careful not to cut through both layers of fabric.

Once you’ve made the initial cut, use pins or clips to hold either side of the newly created opening together while you sew around it.

Make sure that your seam allowance is consistent so that your finished product looks neat and professional.

Using either a sewing machine or a hand-sewing needle and thread, stitch around the edges of your new collar opening with small stitches. Remember to backstitch at either end for added durability.

Turn your bandana right side out again and check that everything is as it should be before sliding it onto your dog’s collar and tying it up!

Step 6. Sew the collar opening

Once you have cut your bandana to the desired size, it’s time to create the opening for the collar. This is an essential step in making a dog bandana over the collar as it will allow you to slide your pet’s existing collar through and avoid any discomfort or potential choking hazards.

To get started, fold down about 1 inch of fabric at one end of your bandana. Then, using sewing pins, secure both sides together by placing them on top of each other with their right sides facing inward.

Next up is stitching! Use a straight stitch to sew along both edges of this folded section where you placed the pins. Make sure that you lockstitch at each end so that your sewing doesn’t unravel over time.

Now that you’ve finished stitching, turn the bandana right side out again and check if everything looks neat and tidy. If not, trim away any excess fabric or loose threads until everything looks smooth and clean.

Take your dog’s collar and thread it through the newly created opening in your DIY dog bandana. Once done correctly, adjust its position until comfortable for Fido!

Step 7. Slip over the collar 

Once you’ve sewn the collar opening, it’s time to slide the bandana onto your dog’s collar. This step is crucial because it ensures that the bandana stays in place and doesn’t fall off during playtime.

To begin, take your dog’s regular collar and feed it through the opening you just created on the bandana. Make sure that both ends of the collar are even with each other so that they fit snugly into the opening.

Next, adjust the position of the bandana on top of your dog’s collar until it sits comfortably around its neck. You can adjust how loose or tight you want to make it based on your dog’s comfort level.

Tie a knot at one end of the bandana (the opposite end from where you slid in your dog’s collar). This will help secure everything in place and prevent any sliding or slipping throughout wear.

By following these simple steps, you can create a comfortable and stylish accessory for your furry friend!

Step 8. Tie the bandana

Now that you have sewn the collar opening, it’s time to tie the bandana onto your dog’s collar.
Firstly, make sure that the collar is securely attached around your dog’s neck and adjust it according to their comfort level.

Next, fold the bandana in half diagonally to create a triangle shape. Ensure that both sides of the fabric are facing each other.

Then, place the folded edge over the top of the collar with the pointy end pointing downwards. The middle part should be on top of where you just sewed up an opening for sliding through.

Afterward, take both ends of your bandana and tie them in a knot below or above (depending on what works best for you) your dog’s chin making sure they’re not too tight but secure enough so they don’t fall off during playtime!

Bonus tip: If you’re using a reversible piece of fabric for your bandana then simply turn it right side out before tying it on!

What Size Should a Dog Bandana Be?

When determining the size of a dog bandana, consider the following points:

  • Measure your dog’s collar and cut the bandana slightly larger to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Adjust the size based on your dog’s breed and size.
  • Consider the style of the bandana (tie-on or slip-on) and leave enough fabric for tying or collar insertion.
  • Test the bandana for a snug fit without being too tight or restrictive. Customize the size to your dog’s measurements and comfort.

Remember that these are general guidelines, and it’s important to tailor the size to your individual dog’s measurements and comfort.

Alternative methods

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to sew or cut fabric, there are alternative methods for making a dog bandana over the collar. One option is using an already-made bandana and adding a small slit in the center to slide the collar through. This method works best with smaller-sized bandanas.

Another simple alternative is using a piece of ribbon or elastic and tying it around your dog’s collar. You can tie it into a bow or knot depending on your preference. This option allows for easy removal and switching between different patterns.

For those who want a reversible option without sewing, consider using two bandanas of different colors or patterns and folding them together with the right sides facing each other. Then simply tie them onto the collar as usual.

If you have an old t-shirt lying around, you can easily repurpose it into a no-sew dog bandana by cutting out a triangle shape from the fabric and tying it onto your dog’s collar.

These alternative methods offer quick and easy solutions for anyone looking to make their furry friend stand out without spending too much time on DIY projects!

Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks are always helpful when trying something new, especially if you’re making a dog bandana over the collar. Here are some tips to make your bandana-making process smoother.

First, consider using a reversible fabric for your bandana. This way, you can flip it over if one side gets dirty without having to wash it right away. Also, fat quarters of fabric can be an affordable option for making small bandanas or testing out different prints.

When measuring and folding the bandana, use a ruler or measuring tape to ensure accurate measurements. It’s better to measure twice and cut once than end up with a wonky-shaped bandana.

When cutting the fabric, use sharp scissors or rotary cutters to prevent frayed edges. And don’t forget to create the collar opening before sewing – this will save time in the long run!

One trick for sewing is using an edge stitch foot on your machine to keep seams straight and even. If you don’t have one of these feet, try using masking tape as a guide instead.

Tie knots tightly but not too tight – you want your pup to be comfortable wearing their new accessory! And remember that larger dogs may need a larger size bandana than smaller breeds.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to make beautiful and functional dog bandanas in no time!

Reversible Dog Bandana Pattern – Step-by-Step Video


To make a dog bandana over the collar, cut a piece of fabric into a square or triangle shape slightly larger than the collar. Fold it diagonally into a triangle and slide it over the collar, ensuring the long folded edge faces the collar. Adjust for comfort and secure around your dog’s neck. Optional: Sew the collar opening for added durability or explore alternative methods like fabric glue or iron-on adhesive tape. Enjoy creating stylish and functional bandanas for your pup!


What size bandana for over the collar dog?

The appropriate size for an over-the-collar dog bandana can vary depending on the dog’s breed and neck size. It is recommended to measure your dog’s neck and select a bandana that is slightly larger to ensure a comfortable fit.

How do you tie a bandana around a collar?

Fold the bandana into a triangle. Slip the collar through the fold. Tie the ends into a knot or bow. Adjust for comfort.

What can I use instead of a dog bandana?

Instead of a dog bandana, you can use a scarf, a small fabric square, a neckerchief, or a specially designed dog neck accessory.

How do you cover a dog collar with fabric?

Cut a fabric strip to match the length of the collar. Wrap it tightly around the collar and secure with glue or stitches. Trim excess fabric and reattach the collar to your dog.

How to decorate a dog collar?

Choose decorations like charms or fabric patches. Attach them securely to the collar using adhesive or stitches. Ensure they are safe and comfortable for your dog. Regularly check for wear and tear.

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