What Collar To Use On A Dog That Pulls – Buying Guide

What Collar To Use On A Dog That Pulls

Is your furry friend an enthusiastic puller during walks, making your daily strolls more like a tug-of-war? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

To address pulling behavior in dogs, consider using a no-pull harness or head halter. These collars discourage pulling, offer better control, and redirect attention, resulting in more enjoyable walks for you and your furry companion.

Throughout this guide, I’ll delve into various collar options specifically designed for dogs that pull. Get ready to discover what collar to use on a dog that pulls and will transform your walks from chaotic to calm, allowing you and your pup to strut side by side with ease.

(From my personal experience as a dog owner, I can attest to the transformative power of the PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Dog Headcollar. It has been a game-changer in making our walks enjoyable and stress-free. With its gentle yet effective control, it curbs pulling behavior without causing any discomfort to my furry friend. )

Our Top 7 Picks – What Collar To Use On A Dog That Pulls

  1. PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Dog Headcollar
  2. Halti Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar
  3. Martingale Collar, Training Dog Collar
  4. No Pull Dog Collar with Carabiner 
  5. Dog Head Collar, No Pull Training Tool 
  6. Ewinoom Martingale Collar for Dogs
  7. JUXZH Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness

1) PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Dog Headcollar

PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Dog Headcollar is a head halter that works by gently guiding your dog’s head, preventing them from pulling on the leash. It uses a unique design that allows you to control your dog’s movements without causing any pain or discomfort. If you’re looking for a humane way of controlling your pet’s behavior during walks, then PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Dog Headcollar might be worth considering!

No-pull solution

Experience the power of the Gentle Leader Headcollar, designed by a veterinary behaviorist, it’s the ultimate no-pull solution for improved walks with your dog.

Inhibits pulling instinct

Recommended by vets to interrupt your dog’s natural instinct to pull against pressure

Quality promise

PetSafe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment, and lifestyle innovations since 1998 to help keep your pet healthy, safe, and happy

  • Pros
  • Comfortable Design
  • Easy To Fit
  • Durable
  • Cons
  • Not Suitable For Short Snouts

2) HALTI Headcollar No Pull Dog Collar

The HALTI Headcollar is a popular no-pull dog collar that works by gently guiding your dog’s head and giving you more control over their movement. It should be noted that some dogs may need time to adjust to wearing a headcollar like this one, but with patience and positive reinforcement training techniques, most dogs will eventually learn to walk calmly on a leash while wearing it. If you’re looking for an effective way to stop excessive pulling during walks without causing discomfort for your furry companion, the HALTI Headcollar might just be worth trying out!

Stops Pulling 

The HALTI Headcollar guides and steers your dog’s direction, preventing pulling on the lead.

Kind & Humane

Made with lightweight nylon webbing and a padded neoprene nose band, it ensures comfort without interfering with panting, eating, or drinking.

Reflective & Safe

Equipped with reflective accents for improved visibility in low light, and a safety link that attaches to your dog’s collar for added security.

40 Years Experience

The creators of the world’s first headcollar for dogs, The Company of Animals and Dr. Roger Mugford, have been successfully addressing lead-pulling problems for over four decades.

  • Pros
  • Stops Pulling
  • Kind And Humane Design
  • Reflective For Safety
  • Cons
  • Dangerous if a dog gets it knotted or twisted

3) Martingale Collar, Training Dog Collar

The Martingale collar is a type of training dog collar that is designed to gently tighten around the neck when pulled, providing a corrective signal to the dog. This helps to prevent your dog from pulling and ensures that you have better control over them during walks. 

If you’re looking for an effective way to train your dog not to pull on the leash, consider investing in a high-quality Martingale collar today! With regular use and proper training techniques, you’ll soon see improvements in both their behavior and their overall quality of life.

Martingale-Style Limited Cinch Collar

The collar offers training cues that are safe and effective, without the need for aggressive force. It provides a gentle and humane way to guide and communicate with your dog during training sessions.

Durable Construction 

Premium nylon, reflective stitching, and a 100% iron chain ensure longevity and visibility.

Audible Sound Enhancement 

The chain produces an audible sound when pulled, which helps reinforce training cues and commands for your dog.

Secure Leash Attachment 

Features a single-piece D-ring for quick transition from training to standard collar use.

  • Pros
  • Safe Training 
  • Durable 
  • 100% Iron Chain
  • Cons
  • Limited Range.

4) No Full Dog Collar with Carabiner

The No Pull Dog Collar with Carabine is a great option for dog owners who are tired of their furry friends pulling on the leash during walks. This type of collar features a unique design that helps redirect your pup’s attention when they try to pull. 

While some trainers may recommend using prong collars or choke chains as training tools, many experts agree that these types of correction collars can be harmful to dogs over time. The No Pull Dog Collar with Carabine offers an effective yet gentle alternative that helps correct behavior without causing harm.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to train your dog not to pull on their leash during walks, consider giving a No Pull Dog Collar with Carabine a try.

No Pull Training

Provides a gentle pinching sensation to discourage pulling and communicate with your dog effectively.

Personalized Design

A printed pattern cover adds style and protection to the collar, making your dog unique.

Safe and Easy to Use

Polished links and soft rubber caps protect the respiratory tract, while the quick-release POM buckle ensures hassle-free use.

Adjustable Fit

Links can be added or removed for a comfortable and customized fit for dogs of different breeds.

  • Pros
  • Effective Training
  • Available In A Variety Of Colors
  • Easy To Use
  • Cons
  • Lacks Correction Capability

5) Dog Head Collar, No Pull Training To

The Dog Head Collar is a no-pull training tool that’s designed to fit over your dog’s head. It works by gently guiding your dog’s head in the direction you want them to go, discouraging pulling and other unwanted behaviors.

Unlike traditional collars that can put pressure on your dog’s neck and throat, this collar puts pressure around their muzzle. This allows for more control without causing any harm or discomfort to your furry friend.

Head Collar for Dogs

Provides gentle control over the dog’s movements without choking or causing pain.

Instant Stop Pulling

Pressure applied to the back of the neck redirects the dog’s drive to pull forward.

Comfortable, Soft & Flexible

Made of soft nylon webbing, it is adjustable and designed to allow the dog to drink and pant comfortably.

Easy to Use

Includes fitting instructions and an abbreviated training guide for convenience.

  • Pros
  • Gentle Control
  • Instant Pulling Prevention
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Cons
  • Too Short For Short Shouted Dogs

6) Ewinoom Martingale Collar for Dogs

The Ewinoom Martingale Collar for Dogs is a unique type of collar designed to prevent your dog from pulling and escaping. The collar is made with high-quality nylon webbing that makes it durable and comfortable on your dog’s neck.

The Ewinoom Martingale Collar for Dogs offers a practical solution for owners who want to train their dogs not to pull on the leash. It provides comfort, durability, and safety features that make walking more enjoyable for both you and your furry friend.


Two-section design with a control loop and fixed neck loop to prevent dogs from backing out.


Provides discomfort when tightened, discouraging pulling behavior while walking.

Easy On, Easy Off

The collar is designed with a convenient quick release snap, allowing for easy and hassle-free application and removal. This feature ensures a seamless experience and saves time when putting on or taking off the collar.

Functional and Aesthetic

The collar has adjustable nylon webbing with a floral print, rust-proof metal parts, and a separate ID tag holder.

  • Pros
  • Easy To Use
  • Anti-Pull Functionality
  • Stylish Apearance
  • Cons
  • Not For Small Dogs

7) JUXZH Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness

JUXZH Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness is yet another no-pull dog harness that you might want to consider. This harness is made from high-quality nylon material, which means it’s both durable and comfortable for your furry friend.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and effective way of controlling your dogs’ pulling behavior while walking them outside, then JUXZH Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness can be a great option worth considering.

Adjustable Design 

Allows for a customized fit and easy on/off with scratch-resistant Oxford material and a lightweight Draflex Buckle.

Safety Features

Reflective nylon webbing provides visibility at night, and a sturdy handle allows for easy seat belt attachment.

Comfortable and Secure

Mesh lining with soft sponge padding offers comfort and prevents injuries, while two leash attachment points ensure durability and safety.

  • Pros
  • Sturdiness
  • Durable
  • Secure
  • Cons
  • Design In Not So Good

Personal Recommendation

After researching and reviewing various types of collars for dogs that pull, as a certified dog trainer, I can confidently say that my personal recommendation is the PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Dog Headcollar.

This type of collar works by gently guiding your dog’s head to redirect its attention toward you during walks. It also eliminates pressure on their throat and neck area, which makes it a safer training tool compared to other correction collars such as prongs or choke collars.

There are several options available when choosing a collar or harness for dogs that pull. It’s essential always to consider your pup’s comfort and safety before making any decision and seek guidance from a professional if needed.


Choosing the right collar for a pulling dog is crucial for effective training. Consider factors like comfort, safety, and effectiveness. Try different options and consult a certified dog trainer if needed. Positive reinforcement techniques combined with the appropriate equipment will yield desirable results in your dog’s behavior. Take your time and choose wisely for a pleasant experience with your furry friend.


How do you walk a dog that constantly pulls?

To walk a dog that constantly pulls, you can use techniques such as positive reinforcement, leash training, and the use of no-pull harnesses or headcollars.

What is the best collar for a strong dog?

The best collar for a strong dog is a sturdy and well-fitted martingale collar or a wide, padded buckle collar that provides control without causing discomfort or harm.

How do I train my dog not to pull?

Train your dog not to pull by using positive reinforcement, consistent training, and the aid of no-pull harnesses or headcollars.

What type of collar is best for dog walking?

The best type of collar for dog walking depends on the individual dog and their specific needs. However, no-pull harnesses, martingale collars, and flat buckle collars are popular choices that provide control and comfort during walks.

Can I use a regular collar for a dog that pulls?

While a regular collar can be used, it may not provide effective control for a dog that pulls. Consider using a no-pull harness or a martingale collar for better results.

Are headcollars suitable for dogs that pull?

Yes, headcollars can be an effective choice for dogs that pull. They provide control by gently redirecting the dog’s head and can help discourage pulling behavior during walks.

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